Creating an account

How do I create a Billit account?

To get started with Billit you first need to create an account. Do this by clicking this link and going through the registration process. Billit is completely free for the first 15 days. After the trial period you can only use a free account to send e-invoices via the Peppol network. To keep using all features after the trial you'll need a licence. You can find the different rates on our pricing page.

Is your accountant already working with Billit? Then he can also create an account for you. In that case you'll get an email with a login link and a password. Change this password as quickly as possible. The advantage of having your accountant create your account is that your details are immediately linked to your accountant's bookkeeping software.

If you are an accountant you can create your own free account platform.

After creating your account complete your company profile as soon as possible. Billit uses the data in your profile for your invoices so it's very important these details are correct. You can find your company profile by first clicking the drop-down menu in your top left corner and selecting your company name. Next, click 'Profile' underneath and select the tab 'users'.

Creating an account in Bilit