Subject to or exempt from VAT

How do I indicate whether or not my company is subject to VAT?

Some enterprises are exempt from VAT. When this is the case for your company you can indicate this in the company details by unchecking the box next to the item ‘subject to VAT’ .

In addition, you can also indicate in the company details that you have a so-called small business. Small businesses can also benefit from a VAT exemption, but are legally obliged to indicate this on their invoice. When you tick the checkbox, Billit will automatically place this information on your invoices.

VAT liability, small enterprise and VAT exemption

You can find more info on the VAT exemption scheme for small businesses on the website of the Federal Public Service Finance.

Please note: never tick both checkboxes at the same time. After all, a company cannot be both liable to VAT and still be a small company that is not liable to VAT.