End of EUROLogin project in sight

Update 22/01/2022


After some difficulties emerged during the test and implementation phase, the members of the EUROLogin consortium have foreseen March 2022 as the end of the test period.

The test phase, which started in October 2020, revealed that there were problems with the authorisations to connect as a private company to the eIDAS node of certain Member States and that the eIDAS node of certain Member States could not communicate with the eIDAS node of other Member States. Now that the problems have been resolved, the Member States foresee the conclusion of the EUROLogin project in March 2022.

The project should help to ensure that private sector companies from different Member States can use the identification capabilities of the eIDAS nodes for their software, so as to facilitate international trade within the European Union. For example, it will soon be possible to log on to Billit with your eID.



Completion EUROLogin

Update 08/04/2021

At the end of this month the EUROLogin project will be completed. Because of the project, Billit is the first private Belgian EDI provider to connect to the Belgian eIDAS node. This will make it possible in the future to log in with your e-ID from Belgium, but also from other countries in the European Union. With this project, the European Union wants to increase cross-border mobility and build a unified European digital market.

During EUROLogin, Billit was the first private player in Belgium to connect to the Belgian e-ID node that is currently only used to identify yourself with government services.

Just at the end of March, a draft royal decree was approved that should implement the 2017 law stipulating that the means of electronic identification offered by the government should also be able to be used by private players. When the legal framework is approved, Billit will therefore be one of the first Belgian companies to be ready for implementation.

More information about the EUROLogin project can be found here.



Update 19/10/2020


Having previously been able to report on the closure of the AS4EDI and EURINV projects supported by the European Commission, we are now proud to announce that Billit, together with the partners LMT, GSS, S.A.T.A., Elcom Systems and the Universities of Valencia and Cyprus, is in the final phase of the Eurologin project. This project makes it possible to make EDI systems such as Billit accessible from any European country via local eIDs.

This means that you will soon be able to register with Billit via eID as well.




Cross-border authentification on European cloud platforms through the eIDAS regulation


The EUROLogin project was prepared and submitted by LMT Group in collaboration with Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV). This Action will integrate the eID DSI (Digital Service Infrastructure) into the systems of 3 EDI Providers and 1 public university, that will be connected to 4 different eIDAS nodes (Belgium Cyprus, Italy and UK), making different services available for cross-border authentication. BILLIT will connect to the Belgian eIDAS node, University of Cyprus to the Cypriot eIDAS node with the support of its EDI Provider “Goldman”, SATA to the Italian eIDAS node, and ELCOM to the British one.

As a result, the 4 implementing participants will be able to request, receive and process the new set of identification data received from its national eIDAS node under the eIDAS Regulation. It will promote the uptake and use of the eID DSI and will facilitate access to the services provided by these 4 entities (BILLIT, University of Cyprus, SATA, and ELCOM) to all EU citizens and businesses using their national eID, and thus ensuring cross-border mobility and supporting the Digital Single Market.

Moren information on the Eurologin-project on https://lmtgroup.eu/projects/eurologin/


• Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), Spain (Coordinating Institution).

• Leading Management Technology S.L. (LMT), Spain.

• Billit BVBA (Billit), Belgium.

• AC Goldman Solutions & Services, GSS Ltd (Goldman), Cyprus.

• S.A.T.A. Applicazione Tecnologie Avanzate Srl (SATA), Italy.

• Elcom Systems Limited (ELCOM), UK.

• Universiteit van Cyprus (UCY), Cyprus.


This project is co-financed by the European Commission through the 2018 CEF Telecom Call – eIdentification & eSignature (CEF-TC-2018-1).

The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of Billit and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union.