Billit: Need custom software for your company?

Need custom software for your company?

Build custom software, without programming

Need custom software for your company?

Build custom software, without programming

Custom software is expensive, but even small businesses sometimes need fancy extra features. Do you have an online shop or do you use Teamleader? No problem! Billit has links and integrations for various online shops, CRM software packages and other sector-specific software. Adapting Billit to your company’s needs is a piece of cake, with no coding whatsoever.

Overview Integrations:

Overview Integrations:

1CRM software
Combine Billit with CRM software such as Teamleader, Robaws, Bouwsoft, Groensoft or Archisoft and make the most of the advantages of a Connect license.

2Online shops
Link your online shop and automatically import invoices created in your online shop in Billit.

3Paying and getting paid faster.
Link to KBC Touch or add QR codes to your invoices, which your customers can use to pay.

4Links with all major accounting software suites
Easily share all your financial documents online with your accountant.

5And so much more
Integrations with Creative Shelter, Unpaid, Voipplay, Car-pass, the Cebeo catalogue and so much more. The list of integrations is growing every month.

Link Billit with teamleader, groensoft, bouwsoft, archisoft or robaws

CRM software
Are you already using a CRM or other industry-specific software for your sales invoices? Do you want to digitise your entire invoicing process? Use one of the many integrations with CRM software suites. Billit automatically imports the sales invoices from your CRM, digitising them, for a fully digitised business. As your sales invoices are generated in your CRM, you can also use the inexpensive Connect license. Thanks to the link with Billit, you can also connect your CRM software with your accountant’s accounting software. Ensuring you can also share sales invoices from your CRM with your accountant.

Link Billit with Teamleader
Link Billit with Bouwsoft
Link Billit with Robaws

Link Billit with teamleader, groensoft, bouwsoft, archisoft or robaws

Online shops
Do you have an online shop? Billit’s got your back! Thanks to the online shop integrations with Woocommerce,, Lightspeed, Magento, CCV Shop, mijnwebwinkel, opencart, PrestaShop and Shopify, Billit can automatically import invoices based on the orders in your online shop.

Link Billit with mijnwebwinkel
Link Billit with Prestashop
Link Billit with Woocommerce
Link Billit with CCV
Link Billit with Shopify
Link Billit with Lightspeed
Link Billit with
Link Billit with Magento
Link Billit with Amazon
Link Billit with JouwWeb
Link Billit with Ecwid
Link Billit with OpenCart

Get paid faster with Billit

Paying and getting paid faster
Make life easier for your customers and add Mollie or Payconiq QR codes to your invoices. Do you have a business account with KBC? Make life easier for yourself by linking Billit with KBC Touch. Thanks to this link, you will have an overview of your invoices in KBC Touch and you can pay up to thirty invoices simultaneously in your familiar bank environment.

Link Billit with Payconiq by bancontact
Link Billit with Mollie
Link Billit with KBC Touch

Linking bank accounts with Billit

Linking bank accounts
Automatic payment check, sending reminders, financial statements... Make life easier by linking your bank with Billit.

Link Billit with CodaBox
Link Billit with KBC Touch
Link Billit with Ponto

Custom software thanks to integrations

And so much more
Besides CRM and online shop integrations, there are several other software suites that can be integrated with Billit. You can call up all the products from the CEBEO catalogue when drawing up an invoice, call people directly from Billit using the Voipplay integration or digitise work orders in Simple Simon thanks to the Simple Simon integration. The list of integrations is increasingly getting bigger. In addition to this, Billit also has a user-friendly API, which you can use to link Billit with your own software or use our Peppol Access Point.

Link Billit with Car-pass
Link Billit with Cebeo
Link Billit with Creative Shelter
Link Billit with Euler Hermes
Link Billit with Voipplay
Link Billit with Simple-Simon