Protect cash flow against default through Simplicity

Cashflow beschermen tegen wanbetaling

Do you sometimes suffer from late payments or unpaid invoices? We have the solution: thanks to a Trade Credit Insurance from Euler Hermes your cash flow is protected against non-payment issues. This allows you to focus on what really matters to you: your business. We at Euler Hermes do the rest.
Our experts monitor the financial health and stability of your customers – globally and in real time. If things go wrong and your customer doesn't pay? Then we will take care of the collection and reimburse you in accordance with the agreements made.
You focus on your activities, we cover your commercial risks. Our Trade Credit Insurance is easy, fast and efficient.

  1. How well do you monitor the financial situation of your customers?
  2. How much time do you spend monitoring the payment of your outgoing invoices?
  3. Can your company's cash flow be endangered if one or more customers do not pay on time?

Let our experts take care of that for you. Thanks to Euler Hermes' Trade Credit Insurance, you can do business with peace of mind.

Why is Trade Credit Insurance valuable to you?

An Euler Hermes Trade Credit Insurance policy covers you against unpaid invoices and non-payment issues. We monitor the financial health of your customers and keep you informed in real time. This allows you to trade with the necessary confidence. Your advantages at a glance:

  1. You can do business in a safe and informed manner, because our experts monitor the financial health of your customers and protect you against non-payment issues.
  2. You move your commercial risks and have a stable cash flow.
  3. Is a customer not paying? Then we take care of the collection and reimburse you in accordance with the agreements made. You can focus on what really matters to you: your business.
  4. Thanks to our credit insurance, you can obtain better financing conditions from your bank or factoring partner.

What can you expect from Euler Hermes?

  1. Thanks to our experience and expertise, you will gain more insight into the creditworthiness of your customers and avoid defaults by opting for financially solid partners.
  2. Euler Hermes monitors more than 80 million companies worldwide. We always have up-to-date and relevant information about your partners and potential customers.
  3. Is your customer not paying? Then we take care of the collection and ensure that your unpaid invoices are collected. If your customers are no longer able to pay or go bankrupt, thanks to Euler Hermes you will still be paid on time and in accordance with the agreements made for the goods and services that you have delivered.
  4. Euler Hermes is a strong and reliable partner at your side: we are part of Allianz Group, are active worldwide and have an AA rating of Standard & Poor's.
  5. Our partnership with Billit gives you easy access to our systems and allows you to manage your credit risks in just a few clicks.
  6. Do you have any questions? If so, you can always contact our experts.

How to insure your commercial risks?

Protect your business thanks to Euler Hermes Trade Credit Insurance? You can do this in just a few clicks!

Euler Hermes offers you two possibilities:

  1. You can choose to cover your entire turnover (Simplicity)
  2. Or you can choose to cover a single invoice (Single Invoice Cover)


How does our Simplicity Trade Credit Insureance work?

With Euler Hermes' Simplicity credit insurance, you opt for a simple solution at a fixed price.


1. We cover at least 60% on your invoices. It is possible to increase the coverage to 90%.



2. You provide us with your unpaid invoices online and we take care of the collection.


3. Is your customer still not paying? Then we will reimburse the unpaid invoices.

Euler Hermes insures your invoices for companies (Business-to-Business). Invoices addressed to private individuals or public institutions cannot be insured.

With these 2 steps you can increase the coverage from 60% to 90%:

  1. You identify your customer through our online platform
  2. You immediately receive the creditworthiness grade* of your customer.
    1. If the grade is 1 to 6, you are covered for 90%.
    2. If the grade is 7, you retain 60 % coverage.
    3. If the grade is higher than 7, we cannot insure the invoices of these customers.
Exceptional90% cover
Strong90% cover
Good90% cover
Above average90% cover
Average90% cover
Below average60% cover
Weak60% cover
Distressed No cover
UninsurableNo cover
FailedNo cover

* Euler Hermes’ grading system, going from grade 1 (outstanding financial situation) to 10 (bankruptcy).

How much do you pay for Simplicity?

We calculate your premium based on your turnover. You can choose to pay it monthly or annually.

How do you activate your Simplicity?

In only 3 steps you will be able to do business without worries:

  1. Enter the total turnover you realize with B2B customers.
  2. Sign the contract for approval.
  3. Your policy is active within 2 working days*.

*Subject to approval of your application by Euler Hermes.
You will receive a confirmation email that the insurance is active.

Any questions?

Contact Ellis Roudasev at Euler Hermes
+32 (0)2 289 42 57