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BREEX® is the reference for smart digitization solutions for SMEs. Helping our customers grow is our main goal. How do we do that? We not only save time and money, but also offer you reliable hardware and a rock-solid service. Our team of motivated experts always helps you with a smile. This way you get the best out of your company and your budget.

To make your (payment) administration a lot easier, KBC offers the billing program Billit in the new KBC Touch Business Cockpit. Discover why it can also be the ideal solution for you and your company to keep control of your administration.

Our world has been completely turned upside down in recent years. Who thought about online banking just 15 years ago? Or had you already heard about cloud solutions? Even the first iPhone can only just blow out 10 candles. It is therefore logical that sometimes you can no longer see the wood for the trees. A well thought-out IT strategy is an absolute must in our society. Don't worry, Trustteam is the right place for your hardware, software, telephony and/or cloud solutions. You can rest easy: our solutions will perfectly support your overall business objectives.

logo Digipaper

In an ever-changing world with tight deadlines, it's important to keep everything organized. We find that many companies still work their way through piles of paperwork and never see the end of it. That is what you can use Digipaper for. We offer you a solution so that you have all the time you need to serve your customers 100%, while we manage and/or digitize your administration so that you are ready for the future. Immediate access to all your invoices, no endless telephone and e-mail traffic with your accountant, no lost papers or e-mails. Moreover, you save a lot of money in the process. Digipaper is ready to help you.

Greenbytes is an all-round IT company with a strong range of affordable and reliable products and services. From our office in Aalter, we serve more than 650 SMEs and the self-employed on a daily basis. We sell digital security, take care of your network and take the worry out of your digital world for you. Central is our GreenCare platform with which we monitor and protect your IT environment. Of course we also offer a wide range of solutions that help you with your day-to-day business. Need a product? You will certainly find it in our webshop with more than 80,000 articles..

Project 12 is Sven Cautaerts, and Sven Cautaerts is a multipotentialist (yes, you can look it up…). A socially engaged freelancer. A closet full of different passions that make him your needed fixer.

CuReMa has been working on the digitization of SMEs in Belgium for 14 years. With more than 20 years of experience in the business world, we ensure the process optimization of your customer management, invoicing and order processing. Through our strategic partnerships with ZOHO and Billit, among others, we offer you the tools to spend less time on your administration and to significantly reduce its costs. We easily link your Zoho environment to your accounting system thanks to Billit.

Psystems your external-internal IT manager. Psystems is an A to Z supported and unburdening ICT company for start-ups, self-employed persons and SMEs. Psystems takes care of Onsite, Remote and Cloud management. Good communication and understanding are matters that we attach great importance to.

Billit always up to date with Organize it. Relieving the self-employed and SMEs from an administrative level and helping them with the necessary enthusiasm and positivity to let them enjoy being busy with their core business with peace of mind…. that is what we do at Organize it. We ensure that everything enters and is processed in Billit, and you keep a finger on the pulse of your figures and your file. Easy right?

MatterMonkeys is a company with a passion, a passion for business!
With MatterMonkeys we mean other, mainly small, companies for which the day-to-day administration is a task. As a self-employed person, you are often very adept with your customers and the performance of your services. Accounting, customer administration, agenda management, invoicing, ... it is often a burden that is just too much after a hard working day. MatterMonkeys knows what to do with these problems and is happy to help you adequately.

B.I.T.S has a team of experienced and certified IT architects & engineers. These seniors have each been in the business for more than 10 years and guarantee flexibility, continuity and quality in your network support. We also offer various IT services and products. For us, the user and the customer are central. A product only works when it is used correctly.


Admin Inge  Is a lot of your time lost on administration and invoicing? Then I take care of the professional start-up of the online billing platform Billit. This leaves more time to focus on your core business without losing sight of your financial figures. In 2021 I started as a financial freelancer in the Bruges - Zeebrugge - Knokke-Heist region. Ready to switch from classic invoicing to e-invoicing in Billit in 2023?

Adcore Do you format this in word or excel? Does this take much too long, and do you actually have no time for this, so you are forced to do this in the evening and at the weekend? AdCore transforms your manual quotation and invoicing tasks into a streamlined process, which saves you time, energy and turnover!

- We analyze your current process
- We determine your needs, wishes and budget
- We propose a digital tool
- We implement the tool
- We train you
- We provide support


Skill It  offers custom solutions to help automate your company's workflows so you can focus on what matters: delivering amazing customer experiences and improving employee productivity.

Are you a one-man business or a small SME with a maximum of 15 office employees? Are you staying in the Limburg, Flemish Brabant, Antwerp Kempen region? Then M2 ICT bv is your ideal total partner in the field of ICT and this in the broadest sense of the word. Just like Billit, we strive for simplicity and clarity, which is why we are a proud partner. Feel free to take a look at our website for more information or call us on 011 49 42 42.


Office Angels are tough people who help tough entrepreneurs to lighten their duties so that those entrepreneurs can focus more on the profitable activities within their company. By taking on the administrative, HR and financial tasks, our customers can concentrate more on their core activities.

We have developed 5 subscription formulas that can be canceled monthly and are perfectly suited for small to medium-sized companies. The Office Angels are big Billit supporters and are experts in the most efficient application of the software in working environments. In addition, we offer training about Billit and we ensure that Billit is linked to your other apps and tools.

Claerhout Computer Engineering,or CCE, has been active in IT for over 30 years. Among other things, we developed our modular ERP package LISA and built up a rock-solid reputation with our more than 170 national and international customers, mainly in the food industry. Due to its numerous and specific functionalities, LISA is the perfect ERP partner for them. The 50-person CCE team uses their many years of experience to make it easier for customers to carry out their daily activities efficiently. Our R&D department refines the functionalities of LISA and the development team takes care of the programming via our reliable technology 'Progress' and our framework. Everything is done in-house, so that everyone knows the ERP package down to the smallest details. That is our guarantee for a quick answer, on the phone or at your workplace.


Burotec is a smart technology company from Sint-Niklaas. We help organizations to organize their business processes and information management differently and better, so that they become faster, more productive, more sustainable and more profitable. Burotec was founded on July 1, 1992.

We are a technology supplier that not only offers office machines, such as copiers and (multifunctional) printers, but also digitized cloud solutions, billing systems and other digital solutions.

As the technology landscape has become highly digitized in the last decade, companies face the major challenge of transforming their office operations. That is why it is important that you hire a specialized company that looks with you at where printers or copiers are still needed, and where you can take the step towards a fully digitized working method.

Based on your specific needs, Delta Solutions develops user-friendly applications that optimize and support your business processes. Their years experience ensures that this software not only meets today's problems, but also grows with your company. In this way, employees can save time, increase their productivity and positively influence motivation.

Purchases, sales and payment processing are very often parts of custom software and Delta Solutions integrates seamlessly with Billit. This way you don't have to reinvent this part of your solution and you can get started right away.


Delta Solutions

Key IT by codevid helps companies looking for digital comfort for their employees.

By taking the right steps regarding digitization, we look for automation options that really help your company move forward.

This can be done by connecting, expanding existing or developing new software.

Vertico IT-Solutions bv is a leading developer of cash register related software for over 35 years

We offer professional cash register systems in various sectors, including flower shops and garden centres, newsagents, wine shops, etc. Our cash register software is tailor-made for the sector.


Vertico IT-Solutions
Juka retail

Juka Retail automates and digitizes your retail by means of efficient retail POS systems and ensures that you can manage, run and optimize your store in a simple and efficient way.

No time to follow up on outstanding invoices yourself? With one click you put the debt collection specialists of collection agency Trivion to work. The first notice of default to your customer will be sent within 24 hours. This fast and amicable approach increases the chance of success and avoids rising costs for the debtor. Win win! In most cases, the collection service is even completely free for you. The fair reminder costs that your customer pays are sufficient to reimburse our efforts. Thanks to our No Cure, No Pay guarantee, you don't pay anything if we don't succeed in our goal. So you have nothing to lose.


incassobureau Trivion
Juka retail

iAssist is a full-service administration office and offers total administrative support for entrepreneurs. We support SMEs so that they can focus 100% on their core business and growth.

We work fully tailored to our customers, both in-house and online. As a result, we are active throughout Flanders. Accounting offices can also call on us. Do you already employ (administrative) staff? Then we can be a nice addition.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we know all the challenges of the business world. We discreetly empathize with your company and quickly know where to step in. We are also your sparring partner or loyal ambassador for strategic matters - we open up our network to generate more business for you.


offers a complete SaaS solution for the transport sector. We challenge the status quo through a user-friendly and efficiently designed digital platform that helps our customers to digitize, optimize and provide insight into their transport processes. This ranges from user-friendly and efficient transport planning to faster invoicing.

Our digital and collaborative platform makes it easy to get and share information.



The Office Plan

The Office Plan

ensures the growth of your company and gives you time and freedom as a gift. By taking over administrative and technical tasks, you get more time to focus on your core tasks within your company.

We optimize your workflow and productivity and structure and automate where necessary. That way, your company runs like a well-oiled machine, even if you're not there for a while.


The people in your organization are invaluable. At RecoMatics we believe in inspiring your people by offering them meaningful work. Our vision is to help your organization grow by digitizing and simplifying document flows. With our software solutions, we are specialized in digitizing financial documents and we mainly focus on large, interconnected organizations with high document volumes. We understand that every organization is unique, so we work closely with our customers to find solutions that meet their specific needs. At RecoMatics, we strive to lighten the administrative burden of your organization and enable your people to focus on what really matters.


Kanli - Digital Sherpa

At Digital Sherpa we help SMEs with 10-100 employees grow sustainably by:

- Simplify and digitize the administrative processes - Select and configure the right tools (Billit is one of the possibilities) - Ensure that every user can also work optimally with the tools


You can contact us as a Billit partner for:

- Evaluation of the entire processes (not just the part in Billit) - Facilitate alignment between company (leader), IT and accountant - Adaptation of invoice layouts to your house style - Training to increase digital skills (which contributes to productivity, cybersecurity and well-being in the office)