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    /month (excl.)


  • Sending e-invoices only
  • No other options
    not compatible with external applications
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    /month (excl.)

    Annual subscription only

  • < 25 invoices per month*
  • All features available**


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Premium 1-2-3


    /month (excl.)

    1 month discount with annual subscription

  • 25-50 invoices/ month: € 17*
    50-100 invoices/ month: € 33*
    100-200 invoices/ month: € 60*
  • All features available**


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    Based on

    No fixed monthly fee

  • > 200 invoices/ month*
  • All features available**


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(Prices per company number/VAT number)
(*: documents, purchase invoices and sales invoices - including receipts and credit notes)
(**: you pay €5.00/month (excl.) per additional user)
(**: features are Billit’s functions; when linking with other (paying) software, you may have to purchase a paid license for that software. This will always be shown on the info page of the link)
(The following rates apply for sending invoices via Bpost: letter: €1.50, registered letter: €7.50, registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt: €9.00. These rates depend on the printing and shipping rates of our partner Bpost and are subject to change.)


Volume Licenses:

If you want to process more than 200 invoices* per month, please contact us for a Volume License appropriate for your company. Please specify how many purchase invoices and sales invoices you expect to process each month. Volume Licenses will also be charged at €5.00/month per additional user.

(*: documents, purchase invoices and sales invoices - including receipts and credit notes)

Connect License:

If you use Teamleader, Bouwsoft, or Robaws, you can also use the low-cost Connect License. This licence disables the functions already available in the CRM software, and you only pay for the functions you use. The fees for additional options also apply for the Connect License (€5.00 per additional user). A Connect License costs €99 per year (excl. VAT). The standard Connect License lets you process 200 invoices per month (total of all processed purchase invoices, sales invoices, documents, and receipts). If you want to process more than 200 invoices per month, please contact us for a tailored Connect License.

For bookkeepers and accountants:

Billit offers free accounts for bookkeepers and accountants. This allows for online follow-up of all linked business files and easy connection to your own accounting software. You can also personalise the linked accounts in your house style easily and free of charge. Visit this page to see all the possibilities for bookkeepers and accountants with Billit.


Start digitising your billing process today and find out how Billit can change your business!

Start digitising your billing process today and find out how Billit can change your business!

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Does my bookkeeper also have to use Billit?

No, you can simply e-mail your digital invoices from Billit to your bookkeeper’s e-mail address. At the same time, a bookkeeper’s account is free of charge and can save your bookkeeper a lot of time importing your invoices into their accounting software.

Do all my customers and suppliers need to start sending and receiving digital invoices?

No. You can simply scan paper and pdf invoices and import them into Billit. You can send sales invoices digitally just as easily via e-mail as a PDF or printed out via Bpost. Sending invoices via Bpost means you will pay the Bpost rates of €1.50 for regular mail or €7.50 for registered mail (or €9.50 for registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt).

Do I have to keep my paper invoices?

No. According to Federal Public Service Finance, invoices may be kept on paper or electronically, regardless of the original format. For more information about the legal provisions on archiving invoices, please visit this page of the Federal Public Service Finance.

Will my data be safe?

Billit ensures that your data is safely hosted in one of Europe’s most reputable data centres. These data centres have world-class infrastructure and are managed by security experts who follow best-in-class security procedures. Your data will be backed up at set intervals to ensure protection against data loss.

How does the free version differ from the free trial version?

The free trial version (15 days) lets you try out all the functions for free and with no limits. The free version only lets you send digital invoices.

How do I start?

Click on the “Register” button in the top right corner or the green “Free Trial” button. You will be able to try Billit entirely free of charge for the first 15 days. After that, you will be asked to choose a license. Once you have selected the license, you will receive your invoice the following day.

What if I exceed my license limit?

No problem! Billit assesses your usage regularly. You will be issued a final invoice based on the correct license.

Do you offer discounts for annual plans?

Yes. You will receive one month off the annual price when you purchase a Premium License.


Archive License

Keep your archives with Billit


If your current company has ceased trading or has been converted to a new company or business form, you can still continue to use Billit to access or search your records by choosing the Archive License. You can still use Billit’s archive functions for just €50 per year. Contact us to apply for an Archive License. If you have converted your license into an Archive License and still want to create and send invoices, the invoices will be charged at €0.50 each.

Of course, if you want to close your account, you can always export your invoices first to keep a local archive and consult it without an Archive License. This means that you can only view your invoices on your local device and no longer in Billit.