Releases and updates in Billit

✦ Automatically import invoices from your e-mail inbox Q4 2021 Companies Available

Do you use your own e-mail address to send your invoices? Then you can also easily scan your e-mail inbox for e-mails with invoices and credit notes. These are then automatically imported into Billit. Read More

✦ Open invoice from approval e-mail Q4 2021 Companies Available

When approving expenses, the person who must approve an invoice can now open the invoice to be approved from within the approval e-mail. Read More

✦ Receive your invoices from Acerta or SD Worx automatically via Peppol Q4 2021 Companies Available

If you are connected as an entrepreneur to Acerta or SD Worx, your invoices are automatically sent digitally via Peppol (and therefore imported into Billit) after you have processed your first PDF invoice in the fast input.

✦ Secure your account with multi-factor authentication Q4 2021 Companies Available

In order to better secure your Billit account, you can add multi-factor authentication or two-step verification to your sign-in. This adds an additional layer of security to your Billit account. Read More

✦ Easily see who is connected to the Peppol network Q4 2021 Companies Available

You can immediately tell which customers or suppliers are affiliated with Peppol by the badges in the customer and/or supplier lists. In the suppliers record, you can ask affiliated suppliers who are still sending you paper invoices to start sending you digital invoices. Read More

✦ Link Billit to your Impressto e-shop Q3 2021 Companies Available

You can use this integration to link your Impressto e-shop with Billit. The integration not only ensures that all the invoices from your e-shop are automatically displayed in Billit, but it also synchronises customer data, products, prices, payment and inventory data between the two systems. Read More

✦ Letting your customers sign order forms online Q3 2021 Companies Available

Customers who receive an order form from the platform can sign and confirm it online. Read More

✦ Vehicle register Q3 2021 Companies Available

Garage owners are legally required to keep a register of vehicles that enter and exit their garage. Thanks to Billit, you can now do this digitally. After deregistering a vehicle, simply add the invoice number to the register. As such, you always have an overview of the cars in your garage. Read More

✦ Letting your customers sign quotations online Q3 2021 Companies Available

Customers who receive a quotation from the platform can sign and confirm it online. Read More

✦ Analytical bookkeeping with Exact Online Q3 2021 Accountants Beschikbaar

Accountants who have the Cost Analysis module in Exact Online activated can also add cost centres and cost sources to an invoice before exporting it to Exact Online. This data will then be included in the posting proposal when the invoice is imported into Exact Online.

✦ Link Billit with Lightspeed POS Retail & Restaurant Q2 2021 Companies Available

This link with ensures that receipts from your Lightspeed POS system are imported as digital invoices in Billit so you can easily share with your accounts department. (Lightspeed POS (K- & L-series) Restaurant & Retail) Read more

✦ Link Billit with Be Paid for easy collection of outstanding invoices Q2 2021 Companies Available

A quick and easy solution for all your outstanding invoices? No more lengthy court procedures! Be Paid is Belgium’s number 1 for online collections. Thanks to its link with Billit, Be Paid can give you a list of your outstanding Billit invoices, and you can easily start a procedure to collect your invoice through the ‘No-win-no-fee’ method. It means that your cases will always start up free of charge but also that you will not pay any costs if Be Paid fails to collect your outstanding invoice Read more

✦ Pay purchase invoices with Bancontact via Billpay Q2 2021 Companies Available

Previously you could only pay invoices through payment files or QR codes. Recently we’ve added the option to pay invoices with Bancontact. An overview of all payment options via Billit can be found on the updated Billpay info page. Read more

✦ Connect with AdminPulse Q2 2021 Accountants Available

Accountants who use AdminPulse office management software can use this connection to import their clients' invoices directly into their Billit file in UBL format so that they can be easily imported into the accounting software with the other invoices in the file. When the invoice is paid and gets the status "Paid" in Billit, the payment status is pushed to AdminPulse. More information

✦ Project management with OutSmart Q2 2021 Companies Available

OutSmart is a software solution for managing field service. Digital work orders form the basis, but the package includes all kinds of features such as preparing quotes, time registration and project planning. Connected with Billit, an invoice is automatically created in Billit when a project to be invoiced is completed in Outsmart. This way you no longer need to type work orders or other data from OutSmart, saving you a lot of time! Read more

✦ Time registration with Toggl en Zapier Q2 2021 Companies Available

With this integration you can generate invoices automatically in Billit from time entries made in Toggl. The integration works via Zapier, a tool that links software by means of triggers in one software that initiate actions in another software. Read more

✦ Time registration with Clockify en Zapier Q2 2021 Companies Available

With this integration you can generate invoices automatically in Billit from time entries made in Clockify. The integration works via Zapier, a tool that links software by means of triggers in one software that initiate actions in another software. Read more

✦ Send and create quotations and invoices via the Billit app Q1 2021 Companies Available

From now on you can also create and send quotes and invoices from the Billit app on your smartphone. Download the app for free in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

✦ Corporate identity of the accountant portal Q4 2019 Accountants Available

With the accountant portal you can set up the visual identity of your own portal and the portal of your linked entrepreneurs yourself. Meer informatie

✦ Update: Apply for a Billbank mandate Q4 2020 Companies Available

In order to establish the link with your bank more quickly, you can now apply for the mandate with your bank yourself. Read more

✦ Update: Comments on approvals Q4 2020 Companies Available

When you need to approve an invoice, you can now also add a comment that will be included in the 'Internal comments' field on the invoice.

✦ Update: Connect company accounts to your admin account Q4 2020 Accountants Available

Do you have clients who use Billit but aren’t linked to your admin account yet? From now on, you can link them yourself without having to contact support. Read more

✦ Update: Integration with Adsolut Q4 2020 Accountants Available

From now on, you can also add files to Billit from Adsolut via the integration with Adsolut. To do this, click on the 'Add from accounting software' button in the 'Files' menu and select the files you want to add.

✦ Update Billit App Q4 2020 Companies Available

View invoices, documents, bank transactions, account balances, customers and suppliers in the app. Read more.

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✦ New integration: GetMyInvoices Q4 2020 Companies Available

GetMyInvoices is a central invoice management platform to which you can export invoices and documents from Billit with this new integration by GetMyInvoices. From GetMyInvoices you can synchronize these documents with hundreds of other software applications such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive. Read more

✦ Add Register of Legal Entities to customer, supplier and company sheet Q3 2020 Companies Available

You can now fill in the Register of Legal Entities in the customer, supplier and company information sheet. You will find the entry field in the customer, supplier or company form Read more

✦ Additional options for approving costs Q3 2020 Companies Available

Additional possibilities for approving costs have been added. For example, you can now send a reminder to users to approve charges and set whether and how Billit should remember your preferences for approving expenses. Read more

✦ Non-deductible VAT at supplier levelQ3 2020 Companies Available

You can now set non-deductible VAT as default in supplier sheet. This sets the VAT field to 0. The VAT will be added to the price excluding VAT, because in many cases it can still be entered as a professional cost. For more information about non-deductible VAT and percentage of professional expenses, please contact your accountant. Read more

✦ Option: ‘Block invoices after export’ moved to the integration submenu. Q3 2020 Accountants Available

The option ‘block invoices after export’ from your accountant portal has been moved from the 'Detail' submenu of the file to the 'Integrations' submenu of that file. With this option you make sure that an entrepreneur can no longer change invoices that have already been exported in Billit.

✦ Delivery confirmation (MLR - Message Level Response) via Peppol Q3 2020 Companies Available

When you send an invoice via Peppol, you will now receive the delivery confirmation (MLR - Message Level Response) from the recipient in the message box below the invoice. Read more