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What do you need?

You need a browser and a Billit account to start using Billit.

Billit System Requirements

Sign up for a free Billit account


How do I link my bank(s)?

How do I connect my bank account(s) with Billbank?

How do I connect my bank account(s) with Ponto?

Paying bills? Typing is not necessary!

How to automate payment control

How to add multiple accounts to the automatic payment control

How to examine problems related to payment control?

Personalize the company

Modify user and company settings

How to customize the numbering format

6% VAT certificates

How to link a personalized email address to suppliers (

Add additional fields (license plate, vehicle identification number and much more)

How emails are sent from Billit

Manage customized invoice presentations

How can I add my logo as a signature to cover letters?

Who can help me customize my home style?

How to delete bank accounts in Billit?


What accounting software is supported by Billit?

Linking entrepreneurial and admin accounts

Corporate identity of the accountant portal

What order is chosen when importing into an accounting software?

Automatically create files from Expert-M?

An online customer portal above Expert-M plus?

How to automatically create Billit files from Exact Online?

Manage file manager rights?

How to process Visa / MasterCard statements in Billit?

How can I process a fixed monthly amount (refund) in Billit?

How to handle social secretariat documents in Billit?

Unable to process mail

Ledger accounts

Electronic invoicing

What is an electronic invoice?

Automatically import invoices from your inbox

How do I have Billit generate structured remittance information for a transfer on my invoice?

Financial discount or credit restriction

Is there a possibility to store today's receipts?

How to import invoices into billit?

How to delete invoices?

Process payments and partial payments of invoices without CODA

Change the payment terms?

How do I send an electronic invoice to the government?

How do I add an attachment to my invoice or quote?

How do I return an invoice for fast entry?

What about GLN numbers?

Adjust the 'To be sent' status of imported invoices

How to delete a quote, invoice and/or credit note

I am a customer of Dats24 and would like to receive electronic invoices

I am a customer of KBC auto lease and would like to receive electronic invoices

Can I use other currencies?

Periodic invoicing

Billpay: pay purchase invoices in Billit

How do I know whether customers or suppliers are affiliated with Peppol?

Send and receive invoices to and from Italy through the SDI integration


Approval of expenditures

Other documents

Work orders or worksheets

The Billit app

Letting your customer sign quotations online

Letting your customer sign order forms online

How to create an order form?

How to create a delivery note?

How can I automatically check the payment obligation at the NSSO?

Other features

Vehicle register book

Multi-factor authentication or two-step verification

Manage customers and suppliers

Manage customers

How to import a customer or supplier list?

How customers and suppliers matter

View sales by customer or supplier

Imported products

Importing products via Excel

A supplier appears twice in my list, but I can't remove him.

Add Register of Legal Entities to customer, supplier and company sheet


I don't see the integration I want to configure under Integrations?

How to link with KBC Touch

How to link with Teamleader

Payconiq by bancontact

Send several Teamleader departments to Exact Online

Euler Hermes


Be Paid

Lightspeed POS (L & K series) Restaurant & retail

Impressto (Nubes)

SDI: Send and receive invoices to and from Italy


What is UBL?

What is PEPPOL?

What is Mercurius?

What is Chorus?

How to send a (free) e-invoice to a government service or PEPPOL connected company over PEPPOL?

How do I know whether customers or suppliers are affiliated with Peppol?

I receive the message: "The message did not pass the validation: Message is a duplicate: ID_Sender_Receiver_DocType"

Confidentiality (GDPR)

Will Billit be GPDR compliant?

Why do I have to sign a PAD?

Billit Privacy Policy

Billit DPA


Billit API

How does security work in the Billit API?


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