Adding a product

How do I add a product in Billit?

To add a product to your list click the menu ‘Products’ and the button ‘Add’. You will see a field where you can enter all product details. When you start typing a product name in your invoice you can select it from your list.

How do I add a product in Billit?

How do I add a product in Billit?





The Stock field allows you to manage your inventory. For example: you have 10 units in stock and you sell 3 of them (put this on the invoices where you use the product). The stock will now be at 7.

With a USB or Bluetooth barcode scanner (prices from 70€ to 430€) you can store the unique barcode numbers as a reference. Put the name of the product in the Summary. When you scan the code it will apear automatically in the order line of the product. Based on this reference Billit will suggest the correct description and you can quickly create an invoice based on the scanned products.

Of course, you can also type in this reference manually.


You can use Units if you want to use one product line for a box with multiple units. For example, your product is a box of 8 light bulbs. You set the units to 8.

The field Discount % is used for volume discounts:

Starting from 100 2% discount
Starting from 200 5% discount
Starting from 500 10% discount