Adjust the 'To be sent' status of imported invoices

How do I adjust the 'To be sent' status of invoices I have imported from other software?


Billit has connections with CRM software packages such as Teamleader, Bouwsoft and Robaws. But you can also send your UBL invoices with other software packages. To be able to store all your invoices in one place and easily share them with your accountant, you can also import these invoices into Billit via the fast input. If they are UBL invoices, you don't even have to check them when importing, because Billit takes over data from UBL invoices correctly. More information about the automatic processing of UBL invoices can be found here.

Depending on the software with which you created the invoices, the 'sent' status of the invoice may not be included in Billit. Your invoices will then appear in Billit as not having been sent, even though you have already sent them using the software in which you created them. To change the sent status of invoices, go to the 'Invoices' menu and select the invoices you want to change the status of. Then click on the 'Change sent status' button. All selected invoices will now have the status 'Sent'. Do you have lots of invoices to select? Filter on 'To send' with the search function.

Adjust to be sent status