Fast input

Advanced settings for fast input

If you want the ‘Fast input’ function to match your company's needs you can set-up the following advanced settings.

Fast input: automatically process UBL in fast input: If you switch on this option you don't have to check the UBL files in Fast input anymore. Since all the information in a UBL file is in a fixed location, it is actually not necessary to check the files when importing them. By enabling this option, you can skip this step and an imported UBL will be placed immediately in the list of expenses or revenues and the info about the customer and/or supplier will be included in the customer or supplier list.

Advanced settings for fast input


PDFs are converted with OCR and automatically processed in Fast input: This option allows you to automatically convert PDFs to OCR when you upload them in Fast input. Billit can automatically recongise your data and fill them in on your invoice. It is still advisable to check your details before confirming.

Fast input: Use the payment term instead of OCR: Billit automatically uses the payment term from the PDF's you upload in Fast input. If the payment term on the invoice is 10 days but you want to set it to 30 days, end of month, you can use this option to igonre the payment date on the invoice. Billit will then use the term from the suppliers details.

Place the subject of an email in "Additional text on PDF": Turn on this option if you want to automatically add the email subject to your PDFs in Fast input.

Documents from your unique email addresses are automatically forwarded to "Approve" in Fast input: Billit creates two unique email addresses for each user. When you mail files to these addresses they end up in Fast input. Use the former address for files you don't want to split up and the latter for documents that need to be split.
If you turn on this option documents are automatically sent to the tab 'Approve' in Fast input. If you switch off the option the files will go to the tab 'To be processed'.

You can use the tab 'Approve' if you want to add an extra step to your approval flow and different people need to be able to check your files.