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Fast Input

Approve costs

If several people within your company need to approve an expense, you can also enable the 'Approve costs' option. After you have enabled this option the indicated users will receive an email asking them to approve this purchase invoice. The user can also find the invoices he needs to approve in the submenu 'Approve' under the menu 'Expenses'. In addition to approving or disapproving, these persons can also add a comment which will then be entered in the 'Internal comment' field.

Note: only registered users can approve an invoice. Each user created costs € 5 per month.

To enable the 'Aprove costs' option, go to the 'Settings' menu. Click 'Show advanced' under the 'General' box and scroll down until you see the 'Approval' box. To do so, tick the checkbox next to the item 'Approve costs'.

Approve costs

In the same box, you can also set whether and how you want Billit to remember which persons have to approve an expense. Click the drop-down menu to see the different possibilities.

Never: Billit remembers no preference. If this option is enabled, you'll need to indicate which users should approve the publication for each import.

Remember per supplier: Billit always remembers the users you selected when you imported the last issue for this supplier.

Remember last (default): Billit always remembers the users you selected when importing the last issue (from any supplier).

Finally, you can also indicate whether an invoice must be blocked in the fast input if no approver is indicated. This can be useful to remember to always indicate a user who must approve the expense.

Once the ‘Approve costs’-option is activated, a new line will appear for each user in your company when importing the invoice in Fast input. Thick the checkbox to ask the user to approve the expense.

Approve costs


Once the option is enabled you will now see an extra column appear in the overview of your editions with the name 'Approved'. Here you will see whether the invoice still needs to be approved (with an hourglass), has been approved (green checkmark) or has not been approved (red cross). Even if an invoice has not been approved, you can still pay it or send it to your accountant. The approval is therefore not necessary to be able to process your invoice.

Via the 'Settings' menu you can set in the 'Approvals' block that invoices may only be exported if they have been approved. Are you connected to your accountant? Then he will receive a message that not all invoices have been exported. Not connected? Then the non-approved invoices will not be included in the list that you can mail/export via the 'Accountant' menu. Unapproved invoices can still be downloaded as UBL when this option is ticked.

Approve costs

Have you asked a user to approve an expense, but has he not yet done so? Then you can now send that user a reminder. To do this, click on 'Send reminder' next to the name of the user in the 'Approvals' box underneath the invoice. In the last column of the box you will find the date and time when the last reminder was sent.

Approve costs