Scan your mailbox for invoices

Automatically import invoices from your inbox


If you are using your own e-mail address to send invoices, you can easily scan your inbox for e-mails with invoices. With this option activated, Billit will scan your inbox or a designated folder every 15 minutes for emails that have the word “Invoice” or “Credit Note” in the subject line or the body. If these words are found, the attachment will automatically be transferred to your fast input for processing. You can also adjust the settings to ensure that any digital invoices are automatically added to the list of expenses.

To activate this option, you have to change your settings so that all e-mails from Billit are sent from your own e-mail address. Find out how to do this in this help article. Attention: Retrieving e-mails only works when setting up your own e-mail server, not when your e-mail address is imitated via the SPF record!

Go to ‘Settings’ and move the slider next to the item ‘Give Billit permission to read the attachments in your e-mail account xxx@xxx.xx’. Enter the IMAP server and - if applicable - the folder that Billit can scan for invoices. Remember to click ‘Save’.

As soon as the link is established, Billit starts scanning your inbox. This applies only to e-mails that are received from that moment on. Older mails are no longer automatically checked for invoices or credit notes.

Automatically scan your inbox for invoices

Q: I get the message that the IMAP settings are not correct for my email address and I cannot reconnect. What should I do?
A: The Basic authentication for IMAP - with an email and password - is no longer supported by Microsoft. You can reactivate the option once until 01/01/2023. You can find more info on the Microsoft help page.