A quick and easy solution for all your outstanding invoices thanks to Be Paid


Link Billit with Be Paid for easy collection of outstanding invoices


Link Billit with Be Paid for easy collection of outstanding invoices

A quick and easy solution for all your outstanding invoices? No more lengthy court procedures! Be Paid is Belgium’s number 1 for online collections. Thanks to its link with Billit, Be Paid can give you a list of your outstanding Billit invoices, and you can easily start a procedure to collect your invoice through the ‘No-win-no-fee’ method. It means that your cases will always start up free of charge but also that you will not pay any costs if Be Paid fails to collect your outstanding invoice

Info and manuals:

Info and manuals:

A quick and easy solution for all your outstanding invoices.

Be Paid is Belgium’s most comprehensive service for amicable and judicial debt collection.

- Average success rate of no less than 94%!
- Full amicable debt collection process on a ‘no-win-no-fee’ basis
- Single point of contact, also for court cases
- Convenient online customer portal
- Free advice

Unlike traditional debt-collection agencies, we tailor our collection methods entirely to the defaulter’s unique characteristics, and urge them to pay, using polite but firm communication. We ensure that the money is paid into your account quickly by means of digital payment links, SMS or e-mail reminders, letters, and targeted debt collection by telephone.

Our ‘no-win-no-fee’ agreement means that you run no risk and never pay too much. Moreover, our services are in most cases entirely free-of-charge for you. Be Paid offers simple rates that also minimise the costs for the defaulter.

If your customer does not accept the amicable process or disputes the invoice, Be Paid can also coordinate the judicial collection process so that you will not have to find a lawyer or a bailiff yourself. We will explain the legal jargon to you in plain language and give you the support you need at all times.

You can reach Be Paid through its online portal 24/7 and are guaranteed a quick start and easy follow-up of your cases at any time.

More about Be Paid

Firm but always human

Be Paid will do everything possible to avoid high procedural costs and is fully committed to socially responsible debt collection methods. We use firm but polite communication to actively encourage your customer to pay their outstanding invoices.

If we identify a serious debt problem, we will mediate - in consultation with you and with your approval - a fair payment plan and follow it up promptly. A customer-friendly attitude is key in all contacts with your debtors.

Be Paid will always try to find an amicable solution using the most advanced reminder tools and techniques.

We start each case by “profiling” to determine an appropriate debt collection process that is fully tailored to the type of debt and the type of defaulter.

This means that we contact companies in different ways and at different times than private debtors, and that we handle the collection of outstanding hospital bills in different ways from a failure to pay for delivered building materials.

Our personalised Be Paid reminder flows are based on scientific insights into the payment behaviour of people and companies and take into account the most frequent causes of non-payment.

Besides reaching defaulters with clear and understandable messages, prompting payment through “call to actions” is crucial. We also use digital payment links, reminders via SMS, e-mail, messenger apps, and scheduled call actions as much as possible.

This tried and tested approach allows Be Paid to achieve up to 40% more amicable results than other debt-collection partners.

If a debtor still refuses to pay or if a dispute arises, Be Paid will advise you about the possible next steps, without any obligation on your part.

We will then assess the debtor’s financial standing to see if legal recovery is desirable. In this respect, Be Paid works closely together with various business lawyers as well as Legal Recovery, which is Belgium’s largest network of judicial officers.

Amicable debt collection

No win no fee

In other words, if we fail in our mission, we will work for free. In that way, our work is entirely based on results. So, you can safely leave your outstanding invoices to Be Paid with absolutely no risk! Any interest or surcharges that your customer pays on top of the principal are usually sufficient to pay for our work. You will receive the principal collected and will not have to pay us anything else. Should the customer pay only the principal (without interest or compensation), we will only charge a fixed percentage of 10% in commission. This way, with Be Paid you will always know in advance what you will receive.

An example:

Your outstanding invoice is worth 1,000 euros. Your terms and conditions provide for a 10% annual interest and 10% compensation in the event of non-payment.

Invoice €1,000
Interest €100
Compensation €100
Amount collected €1,200

On this amount, we will charge a commission of 10%, namely €120 excl. VAT or €145.20 incl. VAT. You will receive the remaining amount of €1,054.80.

Judicial collection

We also charge a simple rate for legal collection procedures, which means that you will always receive 100% of the invoice amount if the collection procedure is successful.

The statutory compensation paid by the debtor for late payment will serve to reimburse us for the start-up, follow-up, and completion of your case.

Moreover, our judicial officers will only take action if collection can be expected. If after the start of proceedings, it turns out that the defaulter is or has become insolvent, your risk will be limited to the cost of the initiating claim (the writ of summons or the notice for the recovery of undisputed debts).

If your customer disputes your claim, and one of our lawyers has to draw up a statement or carry out additional work, you will only pay a limited commission. The legal counsel acting on your behalf will always charge transparent fees and will consult with you during the process so that you will always know what your chances of success are.

Companies mostly use our ‘No-win-no-fee’ collection service, but we can also arrange:

- Demands for payment sent by a judicial officer by registered mail; √
- Starting a process for the recovery of undisputed debts or serving a summons; √
- Reviewing and optimising your terms and conditions of sale; √
- A financial investigation of a debtor (debts, cars, bank accounts, etc.). √

Step 1: Connecting to Be Paid

1. In Billit, go to “Settings” and click on the submenu “Integrations”
2. In the list, navigate to “BEPAID.BE” and click on “Available”.
3. Click on “Connect”. The login screen of the Be Paid web portal appears.

Step 2: Create a new account or log in to the Be Paid web portal

1. If you already have a Be Paid account, log in with your email and password.
2. If you do not have a Be Paid account, click on “Register here”.
3. Enter the e-mail address of your Billit account and choose a password.

Step 3: Link with Billit

1. In the menu, click on “My Profile” and then click on “Link”.
2. Find Billit in the list and right-click on the linking icon.
3. Enter your details on the Billit login screen and click on “Connect with BEPAID”.
4. Select your company from the list and click on “Approve”. You are ready!

List of all your outstanding invoices in the web portal

You can easily check view all the details of your outstanding invoices online at any time via the Be Paid portal. You can choose how to reach the portal:

Via Billit
1. In Billit, go to the “Integrations” menu.
2. This page shows a list of all integrations. Click on the tile for “BEPAID.BE”.
3. Click on “Connect” to go to the login screen of the Be Paid web portal.

Via Be Paid
1. Go to the Be Paid portal.
2. The login screen of the Be Paid web portal appears.

In the menu, click on “Billit” to view a list of all your outstanding invoices.

Collect your outstanding invoices free of charge

1. In the list of outstanding invoices, click on “Start Be Paid”.
2. Select your company and your customer (= the late payer) in step 1.
3. Tick to agree to the terms and conditions and click on “Go to step 2”.

Step 1 of 2

Step 2 of 2

4. Select the invoices you wish to have collected free of charge.
5. Choose the additional documents to be sent (invoice terms, credit notes, etc.).
6. Click on “Forward”. Be Paid’s experts will get to work for you immediately!

Checking the progress of your cases


1. In the menu, click on “My cases” and then on “Cases”.
2. The list shows all the details and their current status.

If you have any particular questions or would like to make an appointment for a personal consultation with one of our experts, please click on this link or contact Stephanie Van Bocxlaer at +32 (0)9 279 18 47 or via info@bepaid.be.