How do I link my bank accounts with Billbank?

Automatic payment control and reminders with Billbank

In order to link your bank via Billbank, you need to give a mandate to Billit to request your digital banking transactions (also known as CODA files) from your bank. In addition, you also need to verify your account number by making a transfer of €0.01 with a unique code as notification. This verification provides a two-way control system, so that we can be sure that you yourself have given permission to send your bank transactions to Billit and no one else can access your bank transactions. Both requesting the mandate and importing your bank statements via Billbank is free of charge.

Attention: Bank accounts by Rabobank, AXA, VDK, Keytrade, Europabank and Argenta cannot be linked via Billbank. However, you can use the link via Ponto for bank accounts of these banks. For bank accounts of KBC/CBC you can use the CODA by KBC integration.

Step 1: Add the bank account number:

You can do this in two ways:

- Via the company form: Click on the company form and enter the bank account number in the list on the right. (The bank account number under 'Details' is the bank account number that will be placed on your invoices to let your customers pay your invoices and has nothing to do with linking your bank account to Billit).

Link your bank accounts via Billbank

- Via the Billbank tile: Click 'Connect' on the Billbank tile in the 'Integrations' submenu under the 'Settings' menu. On the next page you can enter the bank account number for which you want to have the digital transactions automatically imported into Billit.

Link your bank accounts via Billbank


Step 2: Request the mandate with which Billit can request the digital banking transactions from your bank.

When it is possible to link to Billit via Billbank, 'Connect' will be displayed next to your bank account. When you click on 'Connect' you will be redirected to Connective. There you can digitally sign the mandate. Have you opened the link, but didn't sign the mandate immediately? Then you will receive the message 'Sign document' next to your bank account number. When you click this, you will be redirected to the Connective website to sign the document.

Link your bank accounts via Billbank


Step 3: Verify your bank account

Once you have signed the mandate, you will see a window asking you to verify your bank account. You can do this by transferring €0.01 with the unique code you will find in the verification window as notification. As long as your account has not been verified, the message 'Mandate requested, your bank account is not yet linked' will appear next to the account number. By clicking on the message you will see the verification window containing the unique code to verify your account. After your bank account has been verified there will be a green check mark next to the bank account. This means that the account has been linked and the digital banking transactions are automatically imported into Billit.



Q: I have filled in my account number as described in step 1, but I get a different message than 'Connect' next to the account number.
A: Some bank accounts cannot be linked via Billbank. If an alternative is available, this will be displayed instead of the 'Connect' message.

Bank Notification Information
CBC/KBC Coda by CBC/KBC To link a CBC/KBC bank account to Billit, you can use the Coda by KBC integration.
Argenta, AXA, VDK, Keytrade, Europabank, Rabobank
Via codabox or Ponto For these banks you can make the link via Ponto or Codabox. Click on 'Via Codabox or Ponto' to go to the submenu 'Automate' under the menu 'Bank' from where you can set up the link via Ponto or Codabox.
Invalid IBAN number You have entered a non-existent account number, check the account number.
... Not possible Unfortunately, this bank account number cannot automatically import bank transactions. If you have the option to download the digital transactions yourself for the account, you can import them yourself.