Create a new/extra file

What about the data in my existing file?

There are several reasons for creating a new or extra file:
- You own more than one company
- You have several departments and want a file per department
- Your company is discontinued and you're starting a new one

Every file (and every company) needs it's own licence. If you want to manage several enterprises in Billit (and add every company to the menu at the top) you also need to create separate files and choose a licence per file. A file can only have one VAT or CBE number.

Do you want to open a seperate file for each different department in your company? Then you also need to choose a licence per file. You can have different files (e.g. for each department) with the same VAT number and you pay per file for the licence you've chosen.

It's not possible to change the VAT number (or CBE number) of an existing file. As soon as invoices have been created in a file it's not possible to add other invoices with a different VAT or CBE number to that file or the corresponding bookkeeping. If your company is changing VAT or CBE number for some reason the invoices related to this new number should end up in the new bookkeeping. After changing your VAT or CBE number you should open a new file with the correct number. Before canceling your old file make sure to contact our support in time so they can close your file correctly.

When you switch to a new file or create an extra one you can export customer, supplier and product lists from the old file and import them in the new one. You can also keep track of the lay-out templates you've created and import them in the new file.

To create a new file click the plus sign next to your company name in the top left corner of the menu.

Create a new file