Creating and sending an invoice

How do I send an e-invoice?


1. Drafting an invoice

To create an invoice click ‘Invoices’ in the Income’ menu. Click ‘Add’ to create a new invoice. You can also use the shortcut on the dasboard.

How do I send an e-invoice?


You can enter your invoice details in the next screen. You can select customers from your customer list, products from your product list. You can also create new customers here by clicking ‘Create new customer’.

In the top right corner you can select the layout, language and cover letter. This option is only available if you've created more than one layout template. You can find more info about layout templates for invoices.

Hint: Billit can automatically process calculations in your order lines. When you enter a calculation in a numbers field Billit will automatically fill in the result. For example, when you enter 5*20 the outcome will change to 100. Make sure to fill in a discription first and confirm with enter or tab after filling in the formula.

How do I send an e-invoice?

2. Saving/creating invoice

After filling in all the details you can:


- Save the invoice as draft by clicking the ‘Save’ button.

- Save the invoice as draft and go back to the invoice overview by clicking 'Save and go back'.

- Save the invoice as draft and open a new empty template by clicking the button ‘Save and new’.

Are you ready to send your invoice? Click ‘Create invoice’.

The fields will now grey-out and you will get a visual dispay (pdf version) of your invoice. Please note that you can only delete the last unsent invoice by clicking the ‘Delete’ button. This makes sure the invoice numbers always follow each other. If you still want to delete a previous invoice you will need to create a credit note for your accounting.


After creating an invoice you can still add several attachments. First scroll down and click ‘Add’ in the field ‘Attachments’. Next, select the correct attachment from your computer.

How do I send an e-invoice?


By clicking ‘Add’ in the ‘Payment’ field you can also indicate if a customer has made a partial payment or has paid in full(e.g. for a partial payment in cash). For a partial payment you only fill in the amount that has been paid. een deel al The remainder will stay at the top and in the invoice overview as ‘To be paid’ and will be linked to a transaction as soon as your customer has paid. If your customer has paid the entire invoice in cash you can also check the box zal later gekoppeld worden aan een transactie wanneer je klant betaald heeft. Heeft je klant de volledige factuur al contant betaald, dan kun je ook bovenaan al de checkbox naast ‘Paid’ at the top and indicate the date and payment mode (e.g. cash). For this option, you can only set the entire amount to paid.

Do you want to re-use the same invoice for a different customer? Then click ‘Duplicate’. You will now see a pre-filled template where you can select a different customer and create a new invoice. If you want to make a credit note for a specific invoice click ‘Create credit note’ underneath the invoice you've saved. You will see a pre-filled credit note template based on the original invoice.

3. Sending your invoice

There are several options to send your invoice.

How do I send an e-invoice?

• Is your customer connected to the Peppol network? Then click the green Peppol button to send your invoice. The button will be visible when Billit recognizes if the company is connected to the Peppol network, based on the VAT or GLN number. After your invoice has been sent, you will see your invoice status in the message field. It will either state ‘In queue’ or ‘Sent’. Some types of invoicing software will send a confirmation after importing the invoice. This is the case for the Mercurius platform which is used by Belgian government services.

• Is your customer not connected to the Peppol network or do you still want send your invoices in a different way? Then select one of the other options under the green Peppol button. You can send your invoices via email, print them out yourself and send them via mail, or have them printed and sent by Bpost (Click 'Letter'). Bpost will charge a supplement for this service. Use the button ‘Duplicate’ to create a copy of your invoice.

At the bottom of the screen you will also find the ‘Messages’ and ‘History’ fields. The message field will show notifications about your invoice e.g. whether it has been sent. The history section will show which user has made which changes to the invoice.