Using FTP and SFTP with Billit

How can I use my (S)FTP server to exchange files?


(S)FTP stands for (Secure) File Transfer Protocol. It is a way of exchanging files via the Internet. The difference between FTP and SFTP is that SFTP offers extra security for sending files.

If you already set up an (S)FTP server for your company, then you can also use it for Billit. This means that all your invoices and other documents automatically synchronise between your server and Billit.

To enable this option go to the ‘Settings’ menu and ‘integrations’ submenu in Billit. Choose either FTP or SFTP, depending on what is set up in your company. Click 'Available' to continue.

Using FTP and SFTP with Billit

Now fill in all required fields. If you don't know your credentials, please contact your IT partner who set up your server.






Q: What is the difference between the FTP and SFTP link in Billit?
A: Both integrations have the same goal but they work differently. The Billit FTP integration requires you to manually start the export. When the link is active and you click ‘export’, the selected files are sent to your server. The FTP connection also exports your Codafiles. That is not the case for the SFTP integration.

with the SFTP connection your files will be exported automatically. Billit checks every 30 minutes if there are invoices and sends them automatically to your server. You don't have to click on 'export' or set a time frame.

The SFTP connection has an extra function. All files such as UBL and images are automatically downloaded from your server and imported in Billit. You don't have to upload them manually in Fast input.


Q: Can I also have PDFs imported automatically via SFTP?
A: Yes, you can. You can turn on that option under your integration settings. In your Billit account go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘integrations’ and click the ‘Installed’ but of your SFTP connection. Next to the option ‘Insert PDF into folder’ you turn on the slider button. Confirm by clicking ‘Add’.

Using FTP and SFTP with Billit


Q: If I remove files from my server, will they also disappear in Billit?
A: No. This integration only puts files on your server or imports them in Billit. Documents which are already in Billit won't be automatically removed when you delete them from your server.