Using GLN numbers in Billit


What is a GLN number?

A GLN number (Global Location Number) is a number consisting of 8, 12, 13 or 14 digits which identifies the physical location of a company, or a part of it, as a unique address. It is mainly used in the transport sector because a GLN number identifies a specific company division instead of the entire company. The advantage is that the code is unique and created according to certain rules. This causes less confusion between different types and formats that companies use internally. You can look up the information under a GLN number in the GS1 GLN database (the organisation which allots and keeps track of those numbers).


Using GLN numbers in Billit

In Belgium, companies are usually registered on the Peppol network with their VAT number. Foreign companies or companies that don't have a VAT number can also register their company on the Peppol network with their GLN number. Because this number is unique the GLN number is a safe identificator.

Billit allows you to use a GLN number instead of VAT numbers to send Peppol invoices. To do this, fill in the GLN number in your customer details in the VAT field, proceeded by the letters GLN. Unlike with VAT numbers Billit won't retrieve GLN data automatically from a database. You can, however, find all details linked to a GLN number via