Other currencies

Can I work with other currencies in Billit?

I have to create an invoice for a customer outside the eurozone. Can I do this in their currency?

Yes, you can. When creating an invoice, quote, delivery note, or credit note, you can easily change the currency you want to work with. The currency exchange rate is listed under the currency and is based on the exchange rate of the European Central Bank on that day. Please note that Billit does not automatically convert the amount that you have entered or set for a particular product to the other currency. You must do this yourself. However, you can let Billit do this by entering the price in euros in the 'excl.' field and using the multiplication function. Simply enter the amount in euros, and then type '*exchange rate' after the amount (e.g.: a product costs €100 and the exchange rate is 1.0800. In that case, you must type '100*1,0800’ in the 'Excl.’ field). Billit will then automatically fill in the result of your calculation (108 in the example).

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