Register of Legal Entities

Add RLE to customer, supplier and company sheet

The Register of Legal Entities is the register of the judicial district in which you are registered as a legal person. As a company, you must always state on an invoice the Register of Legal Entities you are registered in. This way, in case of a dispute, the other party knows which jurisdiction to turn to. For Belgium, the possible Registers of Legal Entities are: Ghent, Antwerp, Leuven, Nivelles, Brussels (Dutch-speaking), Brussels (French-speaking), Liège, Mons-Charleroi and Eupen.

You can now also fill in the Register of Legal Entities in the customer, supplier and company information sheet. You will find the entry field in the customer, supplier or company form.

Register of legal entities


Using the dynamic keys, you can also add this info to the layout of your invoice. The keys for the RLE are: $Me.RPR$ for your own company's RLE and $Customer.RPR$ for the customer's RLE.