Switching from sole proprietorship to a company

How can I transfer my data from a sole proprietorship to a company in Billit?


Billit links your file to your VAT number. When you change from a sole proprietorship to a company, you will receive a new number. Since your VAT number cannot be changed in a current file, you must create a new file when changing to a company. You can then transfer your existing data. To do so, follow these steps:

Creating a new file

Click on the plus sign next to your company name in the top left menu. You can now switch between the two files.


Nieuw dossier aanmaken


Exporting and importing old data

You can export your products, customers and suppliers from your old file and re-import them into your new one. To do so, click on 'export' in the menu of each list you want to download.

You can also download other documents such as invoices, order forms and quotations from your old file to keep them as a back-up. However, you cannot import them into your new file because it has a different VAT number.

Your accountant can also make a back-up for you if he works with Billit.

Transferring old layout templates

If you have created your own templates in your old file, you can copy them too. To do this, copy the 'source code' and the 'style' code from your templates. You then paste them into the source code and style boxes of your new file. You can do this under Settings > Corporate style > invoice/quote.... > edit.

Archive licence

If you prefer to keep your old data online, you can take an archive licence with Billit. For € 50 per year you can always consult your archive online. Please contact our support for more info.

Cancel old file

Once you have exported all data, your old file must be closed. Please contact our support in time so that your file can be closed correctly.



Q: I accidentally sent an invoice in my sole proprietorship instead of my new company. How do I correct this?
A: You must first send a credit note from your sole proprietorship for each invoice that was sent with the wrong VAT number. Then you can download the wrong invoices and import them again in your new file using the fast input function. This way, you don't have to create the invoice again. You then send the invoices via your new file. They will be automatically updated with the correct company number and numbering.