Unable to process mail

I get this message? What now?

A popular question from our digital entrepreneurs is the statement: "Unable to process mail". What is it and why do you get it?

Billit automates the processing of invoices that arrive via e-mail. The platform automatically reads the attachments from an email and tries to process them in the fast entry.


The message "Unable to process mail" is sent to the user if an email has been sent to the platform where (a) no attachment is available or (b) an attachment has been rejected. Billit accepts both PDF and UBL files, as well as images.
Suppose Billit does not send this message, then you as a user do not know that an email has been sent to the platform that could not be processed, but where action should probably be taken.

What now?

Very simple, you open the original e-mail that is attached to the message.
Analyze the message of this mail. If it is an invoice, you can turn the mail into a PDF and upload it again.
If this is SPAM or another useless message, you can ignore it. If there is a link in the mail, from which you can download the PDF or UBL, then you must download this invoice and reload it in the platform.
Be sure to ask your supplier if they can add the PDF or UBL as an attachment.
This saves you a lot of time!

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