The e-invoicing platform of the French public services

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What is Chorus?

Chorus is the software platform that French government agencies use to receive and process e-invoices and other documents in UBL format. Just like the Billit invoicing platform, it is connected to a certified PEPPOL access point. To send invoices to a French government agency, you must send it from a PEPPOL access point to which you have access to the access point with which the Chorus platform is connected.

How do I send an invoice to the Chorus platform?

Billit has its own certified access point, making it very easy to send invoices to a government agency. All you need is the number SIRET11000201100044 (all French authorities are registered to this number) and a free* Billit account. Enter this number in the field "VAT or CBE NO". You can find a step-by-step guide for sending e-invoices to government agencies or other companies that are connected to the PEPPOL network here.
(*You can test Billit for free for 15 days, after that Billit’s free version only allows you to create and send e-invoices. If you need more options, take out a subscription customised for your company)

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