The European network for e-invoicing and e-procurement


What is Peppol Bilit


What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL stands for Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line, and is a secure network over which files, such as an e-invoice in UBL format, must be sent according to a specific EDI protocol (AS2 or AS4). PEPPOL was co-financed by the European Commission and 18 government agencies to simplify the purchase-to-pay process between government agencies and suppliers. More and more countries are obliging the use of the PEPPOL network for sending e-invoices. In Belgium, billing to Flemish government authorities is already mandatory to invoice in UBL about PEPPOL, but also in the rest of Europe, more and more governments are obliging their use. In Italy, sending e-invoices over PEPPOL is even mandatory for B2B invoicing. Belgian government agencies receive their UBL files via Mercurius, in France they use Chorus. Both systems, like Billit, have their own access point to the PEPPOL network.

Why use PEPPOL?

Sending UBL invoices over the PEPPOL has several advantages. First, it is a secured network that you can only access via certified access points. The closed network ensures that sensitive financial data can be securely exchanged between companies and government agencies. Billit has its own access point, so that you can always send your e-invoices safely via our billing platform. In addition, the use of the UBL format ensures that the documents that you send over the network are interpreted in the same way by all software. This allows a large part of the billing process to be automated. Automating the billing process not only saves a lot of time, but also reduces the chance of errors in the billing process, because you no longer have to type payment details yourself. Do you want to find out how to send an e-invoice via PEPPOL with Billit? Click here.

What else can I do with PEPPOL?

The PEPPOL network is not only used to transfer e-invoices, other financial documents such as tenders can also be sent over the network. Since Billit has its own access point, you can also use our PEPPOL API to send other documents, but also to send documents from your own ERP. You can find more information about this on our API page.

(Click here for the list of all PEPPOL acces points)