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What can Billit do for you as an accountant? 

 Accurate booking proposals 

Receive sales and purchase invoices as booking proposals in your accounting software. Billit invests daily in improving integration with more than 30 accounting software in Belgium. Your entrepreneurs are suddenly connected to the European PEPPOL network and thus follow the example of the Flemish Government.

  The best customer portal for your customers

Many entrepreneurs have become data crunchers: they want more insight into their figures when they want to, they want to be able to interact in their own way with the accountant and other stakeholders. Or they want the customer portal to be able to prepare a sales invoice or pay for a supplier..

 A powerful open platform

Billit offers a central hub for all your customer and practice data, activities and reporting. It is designed to integrate with other leading apps such as Car-Pass, Teamleader, Mollie, Paycontact by Bancontact, Bouwsoft and WooCommerce, so that you can perform your exercise the way you want.


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Accounting software comparison matrix

What is possible in combination with your favorite accounting software (s)

 : Automatic (API)
 : Export/Import Excel/CSV
 : BillMail
 : BillSync
 : UBL
 : Scheduled to be automated 
 : Not yet possible


Accounting software Import sales invoices Import purchase invoices Import customers / suppliers Link with Billit Automatic booking (AI)
Sage BOB50          
Briljant Account          
BoCount Dynamics          
Expert/M Plus          
Exact Online            
OfficeM (IntraDev)           
Popsy (Allegro)          
Exact ProAcc          
Unit4 (Venice)            
Winbooks on Web            
Zensoft (Trustteam)