E-invoice (UBL) platform where accountants and entrepreneurs collaborate with UBL e-invoices via PEPPOL.

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Billit is for entrepreneurs. We make it really easy to keep records. No incomprehensible accounting terms, but automate what can be automated. After all, you are an entrepreneur, not an accountant. Discover now why many entrepreneurs and accountants Billit, UBL & amp; Use PEPPOL for digital billing.

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Income & Customers

You can make a quotation, (periodic) e-invoice and credit note in a very fast and user-friendly way. You create customers by searching for them by name, place and/or VAT number. 


Expenses & Suppliers

E-invoices to be paid are almost automatically processed and linked to the right supplier via our unique Scan & Recognize. Scanned images or PDF files are no problem for our self-learning artificial intelligence (AI).


Automatic Payment Check

Working efficiently starts with linking your business bank accounts! You can check at any time of the day how much money is left on your various accounts, which customer has or has not (correctly) paid and whether you still have to pay suppliers. Pay invoices? Retyping is not necessary! 


Collect unpaid invoices

No hassle with collection agencies, courts or lawyers: in a few clicks everything is arranged and you can rest assured that your invoice will (finally) be paid.


Order form & Delivery form

An order form is documents that should not be underestimated. It is in fact a sales agreement and is used when a product or service is not immediately available. When you trade in goods as an entrepreneur, you often have to send delivery notes alongside invoices (delivery note).


(Automatic) Reminders

No hassle with unpaid invoices. Billit immediately shows you which e-invoices have expired, how many reminders have already been sent and in a few clicks a new reminder has been sent based on customizable templates. 


Digital cash book

Process your daily receipts in the digital cash book. The accounting legislation requires you to keep a purchase diary, a sales diary and a financial diary. 


Get paid online

You will be paid faster thanks to Payconiq QR codes and the Mollie payment links



Share financial documents with your accountant, accountant and / or tax specialist in a very quick and user-friendly way. Be sure to test the smart search function!


Click & Post

 Send your invoices (registered) with the postman. Billit prints, frankes the envelope and delivers the invoice to your customer (s). It can be that simple. 



Working efficiently and safely starts with receiving your invoices to be paid via PEPPOL. These invoices are processed 100% correctly. You only have to pay them (or not) via the handy payment options (QR or SEPA). 



Working efficiently starts with linking your web stores. Connect with WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop,, CCV, Lightspeed and more.

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Use Artificial Intelligence to gain essential insights into income & expenses and to make informed strategic decisions.


You are in good hands!

More than 6,000 offices and companies have already opted for a new way of accounting.


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